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Partner is a hollistic business services company offering financial advice and management to Melbourne businesses great and small.

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Conventional Loan

The most common loan is a conventional loan because it meets the needs of most people. There is no government backing for this, so it requires a better credit score to quality. Lower costs make this a desirable loan.

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FHA Loan

For those who do not qualify for a conventional loan, an FHA Loan offers backing by the government, which helps more people qualify. Benefits include a lower down payment and a lower credit score requirement. There is an income qualification.

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VA Loan

If you currently serve or have served in the U.S. military, you may qualify for this loan. A VA Loan is an earned benefit for all active duty and retired military personnel. With very competitive pricing and no private mortgage insurance requirements, this option may be a great fit for you.

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The Klamath Basin has many rural subdivisions that may qualify for a USDA Loan. For those who may not qualify for conventional financing, this program that is managed by the Rural Housing Service offers flexible credit criteria and attractive down payment options.

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Non-Traditional Loan

There are many types of loans that fit into this category, such as Adjustable Rates, Interest Only, Jumbo and Zero Score loans. If you require an alternative method of homeownership, a Non-Traditional Loan may be the option for you.

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At Partner, we understand that all businesses are in different stages of development – that’s why we tailor all our services to the pertinent needs of your business; no one size fits all solutions here.


Working with Melbourne businesses for over 20 years

Since its inception in 1994, Partner has been helping small and medium businesses achieve growth by effective strategic planning.

All of our team members come from diverse cultural and business backgrounds and have worked among many businesses in their time. Some are business owners themselves and have built their stuff from the ground up.

Jonathan Collins – CEO
Your Partner For Results

We’ve helped over 350 businesses Australia-wide to better manage their financial and administrational workflow.

Kindling Childcare

“Our ambitious dream of a parent-driven childcare collective was made possible by Partner's business wisdom”

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Aviary Gallery

Partner assisted one of Melbourne's most respected gallery spaces in improving their administrative workflow.

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